Based on results, breast fillets from Eva’s Naturally Tender have a more tender texture compared to the early deboned jumbo and even medium bird fillets.
— Amit Morey, Ph.D., Auburn Poultry Science

The Science of Eva's Naturally Tender™ Chicken

All chicken is not created equal. Eva’s begins by sourcing the highest quality birds available, then naturally and properly aging on the bone before precisely hand cutting. We oversee the entire process with care until the product is sealed fresh in the Eva’s bag. 

Sure, this method requires a lot more TLC than an assembly-line approach, but it also ensures tenderness you’ll be proud to put on the table and quality we’re proud to put our name on. 

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Like you, Eva’s believes natural is better. Our chicken is aged on the bone and tenderized naturally – making it unnecessary to apply industrial techniques to achieve delicious, consistent tenderness. 

We don’t just believe naturally tender is more tender, it’s proven by science.


Eva’s Fresh 99% Fat-Free Boneless Chicken Breasts are Tender and Table-ready.

Eva’s has a tenderness that you typically only get with a smaller bird. You have full moisture, full flavor. It’s more bang for your buck. Not just for you as a company but for your customer. Loyal customers come back for quality & precision cooking & Eva’s gives us that.
— Executive Chef Brandon Burleson, Central Restaurant, Montgomery, AL
John Pittard is just one of the industry veterans who heads up AlaTrade Foods & Eva's Chicken.

John Pittard is just one of the industry veterans who heads up AlaTrade Foods & Eva's Chicken.

A History of Superior Chicken

Eva’s Naturally Tender Chicken didn’t just happen overnight. It’s the product of a team with over 200 years combined experience in the poultry industry, assuring quality cuts and customer service that surpass expectations. 

At Eva’s brand we believe our product– and our relationships – should be handled thoughtfully, honestly and with a great deal of care – just like in the good ol’ days.

Eva’s, a division of AlaTrade Foods, is led by people who are passionate about chicken and understand the demands of the customers who buy it. It’s why we insist on the highest-quality birds. And it’s why we use the best, not the quickest, processing techniques to produce Eva’s premium poultry products.

We are sized for efficiency and quality control over our Naturally Tender process. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver premium Eva’s chicken to your specifications, on time and without all the red tape.

Where did the funky chicken illustration come from? Click for more of the Eva's Story.

Long before the Eva’s Chicken brand was born a young Davis Lee raised small flocks at his home in Arapahoe, North Carolina.

It was there that his mother, Eva Lee, instilled the grit and wisdom that set the standard for excellence he brought to the poultry service industry by way of AlaTrade Foods.

It’s with that same spirit of perfection that we bring our naturally tender, hand-trimmed, 99% fat-free poultry cuts to the market today. Eva’s is hatched, harvested and hand-cut to deliver chicken that requires no tenderizing ... or excuses.

Eva’s Chicken is a tribute to the home-cooked wonder that warms the heart. It’s a tip of the hat to chefs who still insist on heritage flavor and texture. And it’s the natural product of a man who is still working to make mom proud.